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One-day extrusion seminars scheduled for Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta

Article-One-day extrusion seminars scheduled for Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta

If mastering the basics of extrusion is on your list of new year's resolutions, you're in luck. Extrusion guru Allan Griff, a frequent contributor to PlasticsToday, will host a series of live one-day seminars, Introduction to Extrusion, in the Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta areas next month. The seminars, which Griff has been hosting since 1979, will cover the following topics:

  • The ten (11) key principles of extrusion
  • Plastics chemistry for non-chemists (understanding the materials)
  • Review of hardware (motors, screws, auxiliaries),
  • Limits to production rate
  • Quality control of raw materials
  • Simplified rheology
  • Start-up/shutdown procedures
  • Troubleshooting of common extrusion problems

Griff is generous with his time and expertise: "Discussion of dies and downstream equipment will reflect the needs of the attendees, and I stay late as long as needed to answer attendee questions," says Griff.

Griff will be in Whittier, CA, near Los Angeles, on Jan. 14, 2016; in the Chicago area near O'Hare on Jan. 26, 2016; and in Atlanta near the airport on Jan. 28, 2016. The cost to attend is $495 per person; a discounted rate of $250 for each additional person from the same company is available.

In-house seminars, adapted to customer needs, are also available.

For more information, go to Griff's website or e-mail him at [email protected].

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