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Orifice Gate, Gravity Diverter Added To Line

Article-Orifice Gate, Gravity Diverter Added To Line

May, 2001

Materials Handling:

Orifice Gate, Gravity Diverter Added To Line

0501/pn-8Salina Vortex has added two new items to its line of materials handling equipment: the Hand Slide Orifice Gate and the Model Z Seal Tite gravity diverter (not to be confused with the Model Z-SL Seal Tite gravity diverter, Apr '01 PA, p 10).

Please contact the company directly for pricing (see the Key Contact Directory on p 39).

Orifice gate This manually actuated process gate is said to offer 'dust-tight' control of dry materials in gravity flow situations. It can be used on the inlet/outlet of hoppers, bins or totes where the use of powered gates is not feasible or desired.

The self-cleaning unit is available in sizes from 2 to 14 in. and it can be modified for various mounting options (a stud bolt flanged tube connection or optional bolt-through pipe flange connection). The orifice can be lined with aluminum or stainless steel and the standard 180 F-service can be modified for higher temperatures. Also optional is a 'Special Service Inlet' to protect seals when closing on material or when handling hard or abrasive materials.

0501/pn-9Gravity diverter The Model Z Seal Tite gravity diverter is a clean-in-place unit said to allow for quick access for inspection and cleaning. Unit has a tight, durable vane seal, clean flow area and a 'live-loaded' wear-compensating shaft seal for handling dry bulk materials in gravity flow applications.

The difference between the Model Z and the Model Z-SL, is that the Z-SL is straight through with an off leg to one side and the Model Z has equal-angle dual off legs. Model Z is available in carbon or stainless steel construction with air cylinder, electric, hand lever or chain wheel actuators. Round transitions are also available.

Salina Vortex Corp.
Salina, KS

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