5 award-worthy plastic packages

  • ProAmpac Kraut pouch

    The Institute of Packaging Professional’s annual peer-reviewed AmeriStar Awards have been among the longest-established and widest-in-scope packaging awards programs around. The review process is also exceptional, an observation based on personal experience having served as a judge for several years and seeing first-hand the thoroughness and passion that accompanies the process.
    PlasticsToday selects from among the winners those noteworthy as among the most innovative for our packaging audience. We’ll start with the largest market in packaging, food and beverages.
    Earning an award in the refrigerated food category was Farmhouse Culture Kraut for ProAmpac (Cincinnati). Kraut needs to off-gas, and in this redesign ProAmpac provided a one-way leak-resistant degassing valve on a flexible, reclosable stand-up pouch. A press-to-close zipper allows the consumer to put the package back in the fridge rather than transferring uneaten sauerkraut to a secondary container. The pouches are also laser-scored for a clean and easy opening. A window on the back of the package lets consumers see the product before purchasing it.


  • AmeriStars Clorox DipnPour

    The Clorox Company’s Hidden Valley brand Dip & Pour Cups feature a peel-back lid for the Snapsil (Huntington Beach, CA) packaging format was a winner in the Food, Shelf-Stable category. The single-serve cups reduce product waste and entice customer trial of a flavor variety without the risk associated with opening a standard bottle of dressing.

    AmeriStar judges also enjoyed the shape and graphics of each package, which clearly identify each flavor variety.

    Unlike existing Hidden Valley Dip Cups, Hidden Valley Dip & Pour Cups feature not only a peel-back lid, but also a patented Snapsil pouring feature.

    Additonally, the shelf-ready display tray has a false autobottom platform, enabling the single serving cups to sit at a height on par with their Hidden Valley Ranch dressing bottle counterparts.

  • GrabN Go cups

    Another winner in the Food, Shelf-Stable category was Good Foods’ Grab & Go packaging from Display Pack, Inc. (Cedar Springs, MI). These easily stackable packages “up” the game in the highly competitive single-serve convenience foods aisle. To reduce the risk of pathogen contamination, the dip-cup portion of these packs is high-pressure-processed (HPP) after being filled and sealed with lidding film. The chip cup portion is filled and sealed with a foil lid on a separate machine, and then the two cups are snapped together and sealed together with a shrink wrap label. The thermoforms are made with 30-mil rPET to take advantage of the material’s clarity, recyclability and rigidity to withstand high- pressure processing.

  • PTI Yumix bottles

    Clasper bottle technology from Plastic Technologies, Inc. (Holland, OH) is a combination of two polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers and a shrink label that earned it recognition as an Alcohol Beverage category winner. The first commercialization of this new technology was the introduction of Yumix portable, shelf-stable line of cocktails that has a bottom section that holds 50mL of premium alcohol. The main bottle holds 6.5 ounces of hot-filled, shelf-stable juice topped by a 38mm polypropylene closure and aluminum foil inner seal. Added visual appeal is provided by shrink-label graphics which also include usage instructions. 

    To use, the consumer simply separates the shrink sleeve at the seam between the top and bottom containers, via a perforation, unsnaps the bottom container from the base of the primary bottle, removes the heat seal and closure from the bottom and top components respectively, and pours the alcohol into the juice.  Instant cocktail.

    The Clasper concept permits two different products to be consumed in sequence or mixed together and then consumed.

  • John Frieda tube

    Last but not least, this winner in the Health and Beauty Aids category marries an injection-molded tube with a beautiful eye-catching in-mold label. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Ultra Illuminating Conditioner from Viva Healthcare Packaging (Toronto) has a holographic package surface printed and protected with a matte overlaminate to prevent scuffing. The flip-top cap was also redesigned with a lower profile, including a hot-stamped ring and two drainage holes to evacuate cold water. The tube is 100% recyclable and made with polypropylene.

    AmeriStar Package Awards Competition judges considered more than 80 packages for 12 category awards, four student awards and AmeriStar’s top three awards. A roster of nearly 20 judges from various segments of the packaging industry evaluated this year’s entries in person, examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing and environmental impact.  For the full list of winners, visit iopp.org/ameristar

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