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#2 Does it make sense to use compostable containers even if there are no composting facilities nearby?

This first person account from Clare Goldsberry starts this way: My Compost me compostable food containerimmediate answer to the question posed by the headline is, “No!” Yet, I ran across a blog post written by Ken Jacobus, founder and CEO of Good Start Packaging (Bedford, NH) that makes the argument that the company’s compostable containers make perfect sense even if you can’t compost them.

This first occurred to me when, after enjoying a great meal at one of my favorite restaurants, I was given my leftovers in a paperboard “compostable” container that had, “Hello Please Compost Me,” imprinted on the front. I thought to myself, "Great! But where am I going to compost this?” I don’t have a composting bin in my yard and I’m sure there is an industrial composting facility somewhere in Phoenix, but driving around in my ICE vehicle trying to find one may not be the “greenest” thing to do.

And Goldsberry then launches into one of her typical insightful and thought-provoking op-ed pieces that many readers including this editor found not only highly readable, but instructive.


#1 on our list takes a reflective turn…

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