5 hottest plastics packaging issues now: Page 4 of 4

#1 Plastic packaging’s Top 10 bestsellers of 2018

This was one of those annual Top list alluded to at the start that provides broader and perhaps more authoritative exposition of on-going trends that has plastics and packaging professionals’ attention.

Making the past year’s top lists were these articles, four of which report directly on sustainable issues in plastics and packaging and others that mention the trend.

1. Graham Partners adds another thermoformer to portfolio

2. PaPlastics Packagings Top 10 of 2018ck Expo 2018: 5 breakthrough plastic packaging innovations

3. Glass or plastic? Study profiles changing consumer attitudes

4. PHA bioplastics a ‘tunable’ solution for convenience food packaging

5. NPE2018 watch (literally) and 4 more cool things from the show

6. R&D/Leverage helped convert the iconic Snapple bottle to plastic without losing the 'snap'

7. Top 5 issues in plastics and packaging: The ACC responds

8. Global plastics packaging market to hit $375 billion by 2020

9. False assumptions on food waste, plastics and packaging

10. Global plastic packaging market worth $269.6 billion by 2025

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