Aimplas takes on 123 R&D projects in 2015

Generates a return of over €12 million for companies

During 2015, Aimplas, Plastics Technology Centre (Valencia, Spain), has taken part in 123 R&D projects in collaboration with 227 companies, of which 183 are SME. The projects involved mainly packaging, transport, construction and automotive sectors, and generated a return of €12.6 million for the companies involved.

Coming off its 25th anniversary, Aimplas, which is a powerful ally to the plastics industry, exceeded the 2,000 customer mark and has increased its income up to €8.7 million. As a technology partner, Aimplas has worked together with these companies when carrying out these R&D projects, representing a 71 % of the total invoice, as well as the implementation of technical assessment services, analysis and testing (18 %) or training activities (6 %). The number of associated companies has also remained on an upward trend up to 554 associated companies. 

Aimplas has an arsenal of 120 professionals who work in areas related to R&D, but also providing other services, such as technical assessments, analysis and testing and training to other companies of the plastics industry. Last year more than 6,500 technology services were developed and 158 training activities were organized, where 2,518 attendees from 889 companies got 3,963 training hours.

Aimplas’ Plastics Observatory, which is a technology watch and competitive intelligence system, provides access to high-added-value information to help companies of the sector when making decisions. In 2015, the Plastic Observatory reached 3,812 users.

Aimplas’ growth has been attributed to an expansion of both its facilities and services. In the case of its pilot plant, the Centre has currently more than 2,000m2 of facilities, being the best equipped centre in plastic processing technologies at a national level and an international reference point in plastic materials and processing techniques. In 2015, a new filaments extrusion line has been incorporated to this plant’s equipment to print parts by means of 3D printing. The Technology Centre deploys new methods to carry out R&D projects, such as modifying materials to get functional properties (conductivity, solubility, antimicrobial, etc.)

Last year also included the consolidation of MeetingPack, an international event organized together with AINIA that has turned into a meeting not to be missed in the packaging sector at an international level. In its second edition, dedicated to materials and barrier packages, the meeting exceeded the capacity expectations and surpassed the 300 attendees from all the packaging industry value chain.


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