Ambitious Euro project diverts PCR waste to yield new plastics

AIMPLAS (Valencia, Spain) is coordinating the European project LIFE ECOMETHYLAL that allows diverting more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic wastes each year from landfills to obtain methylal, a substance that can be used as a solvent or as a raw material to produce new plastics.Landfill photo

The project is aimed at recovering by means of chemical recycling wastes mainly from the packaging, electric-electronic and automotive sectors, as well as the wastes from the packaging recycling process. 

Other companies from Valencia also take part in the project: BPP, ACTECO and AIRESA, as well as the company MI-PLAST from Croatia. Particularly, BPP will be responsible of implementing at pilot-plant-level the chemical recycling by means of catalytic hydro-gasification with plasma.

During the project, a small and modular pilot plant is going to be built, which will treat these wastes to obtain methylal.

The forecasts made by the partners of the project involve the assembly at European level of at least 15 industrial plants having this process integrated in the European Union in a period of five years once the project has been finished. This will allow to treat a total of 144,000 tonnes of plastics each year to extract 91,200 tonnes of methylal. These plants will make also possible to save 74,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year with an energy saving of 3,400 million joules each year.

The project LIFE ECOMETHYLAL is framed within the EU Programme LIFE, with grant agreement no LIFE15  ENV/ES/000208.



AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is a member of FEDIT (Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Entities) and REDIT (Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencia Region).

AIMPLAS is a non-profit research association with the object to operate as a technological partner for enterprises from the plastics industry and thus offering them integral and customized solutions by coordinating research, development and innovation projects as well as technology services (analysis and testing, technical assistance, training as well as competitive and strategic intelligence).

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