And this not-so-little polypropylene jar went to market

RPC-KutenholzLeading Dutch pickled vegetable processor Van der Kroon Food Products B.V. (VDK) has become the first company to market with the recently launched 500-ml multilayer Thermic Ultra jar from RPC Kutenholz (Kutenholz, Germany).

The blowmolded polypropylene jars have an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier layer and are recyclable. For their first foray into stores,  the Thermic Ultra jars are being filled with gherkins, silver onions and piccalilli sold under the Kroon brand in delicatessens.

The shatterproof jar provides enhanced consumer safety in countries like the Netherlands, where online ordering of products from supermarket websites is gaining popularity. RPC Kutenholz has been supplying Van der Kroon with multilayer jars for many years, but until now the large sizes have targeted foodservice applications.  

“We now want to transfer to the consumer side the same good experience we have enjoyed for many years with our jars in the catering sector,” explains Dennis van der Kroon, Director of VDK, adding that he believes that the advantages of lighter weight, product safety, reclosability and high resistance to breakage will appeal to consumers in the retail market.

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