Cellulose-based film used to pack all-natural children's health products

September 23, 2015

South African company KiddieKix, a producer of all-natural children’s health products, has chosen UK-based Innovia Films' NatureFlex flexible packaging film to wrap its cereals and dried fruit snacks. NatureFlex speciality packaging films are made from renewable resources, such as wood-pulp sourced from managed plantations.

Based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, KiddieKix research the latest trends in children’s health and nutrition, to ensure their range delivers products that have been specifically developed with the needs of growing children in mind.  Founder Alison McDowell said, “At KiddieKix our aim is take care of our children’s future, which means creating an entirely eco-sustainable product, including the packaging.  We sampled many compostable materials for our inner packaging and nothing compared to NatureFlex.  In terms of feel, quality, strength, durability and barrier protection NatureFlex came out streets ahead of any other product.”

The use of NatureFlex flexible packaging film ensures that KiddieKix’s product philosophy is strengthened because it matches the company’s core messages. According to Innovia Films, the films are independently certified to meet the American ASTM D6400 and European EN13432 standards for compostable packaging. They begin life as a natural product, wood which is sourced from certified plantations operating good forestry principals. They also offer a plethora of advantages for packing and converting such as high seal strength and integrity, excellent gas, aroma, UV light and mineral oil barrier, grease and chemical resistance, dead fold and anti-static properties, enhanced printing and conversion.

Peter van Belle, Innovia Films’ Sales Account Manager said, “We are delighted that we were able to assist KiddieKix in meeting their packaging aspirations while enhancing shelf-life and reducing waste.”

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