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A dual-chamber pouch that packages two components separately that can be mixed just before use has been developed by DuPont. The innovation employs a single sealant material—Surlyn AD8273 ionomer—to form a "frangible seal" and lock-up seal in one system.

May 26, 2015

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Chinaplas 2015: DuPont delivers single sealant solution with permanent and bustable seals


Permanent and bustable seals are incorporated into the same product using a single ionomer-based sealant, allowing mixing immediately prior to use.


"Frangible pouches require two types of seals-permanent or lock-up seal and frangible or bustable seals," says Ju-il Cha, Packaging Manager for Asia Pacific and Country Leader, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers - Korea. "Surlyn AD8273 can form both types of seal in a single structure by controlling the heat seal bar temperature during the sealing step."

"Separation of ingredients can increase shelf life. It can also help consumers with no access to electricity or potable water, for example," says Cha.

A recent commercial example from Japan is a skin care face mask in which two components-a special enzyme and a powder-are mixed together just prior to use. Another application recently entering the market is a chicken breast vacuum packed with a separated dressing

The technology is suitable for a variety of ingredient mixes, including liquid plus liquid, liquid plus powder, or paste plus paste, for example.

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