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Clamshell package doubles as storage box

A German toothbrush manufacturer has turned to Zahoransky (Todtnau-Geschwend, Germany) for a fully automated solution to package interdental brushes. The high-quality, reusable clamshell pack being produced is designed so that it can also be used as a storage box.

July 28, 2010

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Clamshell package doubles as storage box

Zahoransky's model B18 Blister Packaging Machine is an automatic in-line form, fill, cut and close (seal) machine with a capacity of 20 clamshell blisters per minute. Furthermore its versatile two-up forming tool can process either PET or PVC film from 0.1-mm to 0.5-mm thick gauge.

Film is transported through each of the processing stations with the highest positioning accuracy using dual servo-driven gripper chains, which ensures optimal operation by exactly matching film position to the forming, cutting, folding, and laser stations. In the forming station, film is heated and deep drawn into the desired blister shape.

Because the B18 is modular in design, it is possible to turn on/off various operation modules depending on production requirements. It is also possible to produce both clamshell and heat sealed blister packages. Furthermore, heat-sealed packages can be constructed with either film or cardstock backers.

For the production of clamshells, integrated roller knives in the cutting station trim the blister film so the formed and filled clamshell can be closed automatically in sequence. In the interdental brush example, five-up interdental brushes are automatically oriented and loaded into the clamshell blister trays. Afterward the filling control station checks the presence of good brushes in the blister tray and then before closing the box a company flyer is automatically inserted in the blister by a universal feeding unit. Once closed, the clamshell package is sealed with an ultrasonic-point welder with fine adjustment for achieving desired tear strengths.

The B18 system modules run on Zahoransky's proprietary central machine control system which is an intelligent control technology. The machine also comes complete with an IPC (Intelligent Process Control) providing operator guidance that can be adapted to all situations, no matter how complex the customer requirement. —[email protected] 

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