Companies in U.S., Taiwan and South Africa form partnership to produce blowmolding equipment

handshakeR&B Plastics Machinery LLC (Saline, MI), a manufacturer of blowmolding machinery, single-screw plastic extruders and extruder process screws and a machinery rebuilder, has announced a strategic partnership with Sika, a custom blowmolding machine maker in Taiwan, and Seecor, a technology company based in South Africa, for the production of new fully electric, hybrid and hydraulic blowmolding machines.

The new shuttle and accumulator head machines, sold and engineered under the R&B Plastics Machinery brand, will expand the company’s portfolio of blowmolding machinery for the consumer packaging, automotive and industrial markets. The launch of the new machinery also marks R&B’s entry into the all-electric blowmolding machine segment. The company is already a supplier of extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines, including wheel and shuttle systems.

“This partnership will result in the development of a new series of machine platforms that will incorporate R&B technology, engineering and know-how,” said Fred Piercy, President of R&B Plastics Machinery. “This business arrangement will significantly expand our machine portfolio and enable us to compete with larger rivals, particularly in the all-electric market.”

R&B will combine modern and efficient blowmolding technology and marketing approaches to offer the R&B Sika Shuttle line (RBS Series) and accumulator machines (RBA Series) throughout the North American market. The all-electric machines will consist of shuttle platforms ranging from 350- to 1250-mm long stroke in single- and double-sided machine configurations.

As a partner, Sika will manufacture systems and components that will be shipped to R&B’s manufacturing facility in Michigan for final assembly and customer trials. R&B maintains all detailed drawings of the machinery, and will provide all service and parts supply from its Saline, MI, facility. Seecor will provide technology support, including manufacturing guidance and design, primarily at Sika in Taiwan.

Under the new partnership, R&B Plastics Machinery said that it has already sold multiple new shuttle machines in the United States.

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