Constantia Flexibles partners with Wikitude to bring augmented reality to packaging

October 15, 2018

Constantia InteractiveConstantia Flexibles, headquartered in Vienna, announced a strategic partnership with Wikitude (Salzburg), a leading independent augmented reality (AR) technology provider, to enrich packaging with digital information perceptible by consumers via smartphone and other connected devices. The feature also allows brands to learn a lot about customers’ shopping habits. 

The interactive platform “Constantia Interactive” allows smartphones to easily recognize a variety of shapes and packaging. The goal of the partnership is to jointly expand the “interactive packaging” market, said the companies.

According to the companies, conscientious buyers want to know more: What is really in the product? What else can I use it for? There is usually not enough space for extra information on a drink or medication package. However, 69% of consumers would rather choose a product for which they can call up useful, additional information with their smartphone, explained Alexander Baumgartner, CEO of Constantia Flexibles. “Our answer is ‘Constantia Interactive.’ As soon as the smartphone camera detects the innovative product packaging, additional information about ingredients, instructions for use or interactive marketing campaigns appear.”

Because packaging comes in different shapes and sizes, it is important to have a reliable mobile app that can recognize them all. Augmented reality apps based on Wikitude can do that. Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina is confident these capabilities will change the world: “Google search revolutionized the web 20 years ago. Likewise, augmented reality will fundamentally change the way we consume information.”

The strategic collaboration with Constantia Flexibles is another important step in that direction. “When customers unite product discovery with such apps in their everyday shopping, augmented reality will soon be the norm for every consumer,” Herdina added.

For Constantia Flexibles, interactive packaging will be one of the key topics at PackExpo in Chicago this week at McCormick Place. Visit their booths: E-10325 for consumer product packaging solutions and W-863 for pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

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