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Earth Day 2020: Some Good News About Plastics Packaging

Earth Day 2020: Some Good News About Plastics Packaging
Examples of the companies, technologies and people that aim to get the most value out of plastics packaging in a circular economy from Twitter.

There is strength in numbers, which is why two is better than one, three is better than two and so on. Consider the strength of hundreds and even thousands. Because that’s the number of stakeholders in the plastics packaging market from polymer producers to packaging converters to brands and retailers and more that are working to improve the sustainability of their plastics and packaging. Collectively, they — and we as responsible consumers – have a real impact on the environment. And that’s why in recognition of this landmark 50th year anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 we’re getting “social” in this report by relaying examples from Twitter that paint an encouraging picture not only of what’s happening, but what’s possible from large multinational brands to eco-minded individuals. It’s good news we can all use these days and especially this week knowing that Earth Day should be an everyday state of mind. Foodservice containers made recyclable thanks to #chemicalrecycling.

Bacterial, plastic-eating bugs. The ongoing diversion of #plastic bottles remade into durable clothing and accessories. New #recycling sorting technology. Plastic crates turned into a mosque #reuse. Edible packaging can source-reduce the amount of packaging needed. Another company pushing on the benefits of chemical recycling, a comprehensive technology that appears to be gaining traction. And then there’s all the local grassroots DIY methods for difficult-to-recycle items such as plastic-coated beverage cartons… person made a difference for a village… …to a DIY reuse project example demonstrating the clever resourcefulness of consumers. Before we close our exemplary examples listing, let’s not overlook PlasticsToday’s recent tweets… …for Gerber’s recyclable pouch …and the tried-and-true use of pyrolysis for hard-to-recycle plastics
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