Efficient BarrierGuard oxygen absorber technology for plastic packaging debuts

Ring Container Barrier Guard clear PET bottles Ring Container Technologies (Memphis, TN) launched a patent-pending, proprietary and customizable technology platform, BarrierGuard. The company is disrupting the traditional balance of protection and value with the initial application of this technology, BarrierGuard OxygenSmart, that is already being used by a major food company, PlasticsToday is told.

“BarrierGuard represents a customer solution philosophy rooted in improved efficiency and customizable performance,” said Brian Smith, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Supply Chain at Ring Container Technologies. “Ring is thrilled to grow its portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with both current and prospective customers on solutions that optimize their packaging and profits.”

Plastic bottles using BarrierGuard OxygenSmart are replacing other barrier technologies to provide best-in-class barrier protection with glass-like clarity, the company reports. Initial studies revealed that BarrierGuard OxygenSmart blocked or absorbed up to 30% more oxygen versus other competitive barriers, while using 2.5 times less barrier material on average. BarrierGuard OxygenSmart can be customized for a wide variety of oxygen-sensitive applications including: tomato-based sauces, nuts, oils, baby foods, instant coffee and vegetables.

Additionally, BarrierGuard OxygenSmart inventory can be stored without special requirements and offer up to 24 months’ shelf life.Barrier Guard Graphic

“Ring is already producing 14oz to 38oz containers using BarrierGuard OxygenSmart,” Paul Kelley, Executive Director of Product Development and Technology, tells Plastics Today, adding “though the technology is not exclusive to these sizes.”

When asked about the commercial status, Kelley responds, “[we’re] currently producing bottles for a major consumer packaged goods company in the food industry using the technology for their retail condiments.”

The barrier containers are 100% recyclable as #1 PETE.

Ring produces the barrier PET bottles using BarrierGuard OxygenSmart at its newest plant, which opened in Louisville, KY, in October 2018.

The company continued a recent growth spurt several months prior to that when it announced in April 2018 the opening of a new manufacturing and warehousing facility in Hagerstown, MD, which was Ring’s 18th manufacturing facility.


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