Egg mix-in packaging has all the ingredients for success

An entirely new category to the dairy aisle

A vegetable blend for egg dishes, Scramble—which is packaged in the SuperLock pack from RPC Superfos (Taastrup, UK)—has hit it off in kitchens across the US.

The innovative product was launched by start-up company CleverFoodies (Burlington, VT), and makes it easier to cook fast and serve up scrambled eggs, omelettes or frittatas. Consumers simply whisk a few eggs with milk or water, add their favorite mix-in, cook and enjoy. With no more than 60 calories per serving, Scramble contains all-natural ingredients, is gluten-free and does not have any sugar added.

The injection-molded SuperLock pack has the format and feel of a jar, yet is made of polypropylene. With a double-sided print on the click-on screw lid, the pot allows maximum space to for brand messaging along with cooking instructions. The three varieties of the unique vegetable mix—Leafy Greens, Rancheros or Mediterranean—are sold in the chilled section conveniently located next to the eggs.

“The SuperLock pack is new to the American market and therefore it is a good match for a new product category,” explains Marc Gascon, owner and co-founder of CleverFoodies. “The lid differentiates our products from others and its oxygen barrier gives us the desired shelf life.

“Our products’ success rests on several factors: we bring something new, natural and tasty to the egg section in the counter. We have a partnership with leading egg distributors, and we have the right pack that lets us use clear and colorful illustrations and leaves space for cooking instructions. We are pleased with the SuperLock pot, which is eye-catching and conveys the quality of our product.”

Scramble has created its own new product category for convenience food, has been attracting customers in more than 3,000 supermarkets across America, including SuperTarget and Publix. The product has even appeared on the weekly TV series Power Pitch on CNBC, where start-ups try to convince a panel of experts that their business has the necessary ingredients for success.


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