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Elkay Plastics rebrands to emphasize packaging innovation capabilities

After more than 50 years, Elkay Plastics Co. (Los Angeles) is rebranding itself as LK Packaging.

After more than 50 years, Elkay Plastics Co. (Los Angeles) is rebranding itself as part of a renewed commitment to core capabilities and customer engagement. The new brand, LK Packaging, also supports the company’s long-time strategy of energizing the packaging supply chain with a range of readily available, state-of-the-art packaging solutions. LK Packaging provides stock and custom packaging products to a range of markets, including the food, industrial and healthcare sectors.

Over the past several years, LK has invested in addressing the needs of those who need packaging for food products. In 2018, it acquired Red Rock Packaging, a maker of overwrap films for grocery distributors and food processors. In 2019, LK introduced several unique food-packaging solutions, often accompanied by product training and even retail marketing playbooks.

This year, LK has already introduced dozens of new packaging opportunities for supermarkets and foodservice establishments, including rigid containers and fully compostable options, both firsts in LK’s long history. Leading the expansion is Product Manager Doron Chertkow, who grew up with the company. “The new name reflects our founder’s initials, so it’s a tribute to our past, but it also includes a more a more accurate definition of our true focus. We are, after all, a packaging company,” said Chertkow.

The refreshed branding, including a new look to its still-familiar logo, made its way to LK’s website this week, but began with more subtle changes more than a year ago. According to LK Packaging CEO Louis Chertkow, “As packaging materials and design evolves, we wanted our name to convey what we make, and all that we make possible.”

While the branding has changed, the company name is simply amended to Elkay Plastics Co. Inc. dba LK Packaging, and it is still commonly referred to as LK. The transition continues to evolve as the new corporate designation unfolds across company materials, explained the company.

LK has offices and distribution centers in eight major-market locations including its Southern California headquarters.

Image: Michail Petrov/Adobe Stock

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