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Envision Plastics to remove 10 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic

OceanBound graphic
Over the next two years the OceanBound Plastic program expects to recover 10 million pounds of plastic, the equivalent of 70 million 1-gallon HDPE milk jugs, before it reaches the oceans.

Envision Plastics' (Atlanta) new goal is a kind of watershed moment for the supplier that is also welcome news for pollution prevention: Recovering up to ten million pounds of plastic at risk of polluting our oceans, equivalent to approximately 70 million 1-gallon milk jugs, over the next two years.

Past efforts to protect oceans from plastic have focused on removing the material after it has reached a beach or entered a waterway, but these efforts have failed to collect meaningful volumes, according to Envision Plastics. Envision’s OceanBound Plastic leverages the capabilities of the company’s global supply chain and manufacturing expertise to solve this problem and deliver a resin fit for most high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic applications before it can enter waterways and oceans.

“We cannot solve this problem alone; we invite you to join us in this great undertaking by incorporating Envision’s OceanBound Plastic into your products,” states Mark Shafer, general manager of Envision Plastics. “Envision’s 16-year history of product innovation, commercialization and technical expertise provides a platform for creating sustainable, reliable resins that meet the performance needs of our customers and meaningfully engage end consumers.”

Since partnering with Method in 2011, Envision has worked to better understand how it can help maximize the use of post-consumer resin in a manner that benefits the environment and supports the needs of Envision’s customers. Envision is partnering with local communities in at-risk areas around the world to recover plastic before it enters the ocean.

Sustainable packaging, plastics and a host of other markets and applications are bundled together under one roof as part of the Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo Toronto that includes PLAST-EX, Automation Technology Expo (ATX), PACKEX, Design & Manufacturing and Powder & Bulk Solids (PBS) on May 16-18 in Canada. For more information, visit .

Envision has created a comprehensive guide to help communities implement a robust, mutually beneficial process to collect and ship this material to Envision processing facilities. These guidelines focus on ensuring everyone benefits from the process, including Envision customers and ultimately the local communities.

According to an employee of one of Envision’s suppliers, “Living so close to shore, the ocean is a place I love. Sadly my community’s discarded plastic is at high risk of entering and polluting the ocean. Before partnering with Envision Plastics, recycling and shipping this material was not profitable. Now we have the tools in place to make a difference in our community and in the lives of people who ultimately buy the products using our repurposed plastic.”

Envision’s OceanBound Plastic can be used in many of the same rigid plastic packaging applications as traditional post-consumer resin, with the added benefit that using material collected from at-risk areas helps economically disadvantaged communities and eliminates that plastic from reaching beaches and waterways.

“Part of Method’s mission is to leave the planet better than we found it,” says Ryan Williams, senior director of sustainability at Method. “No one can fix the ocean plastic problem single handedly. Our partnership with Envision pushes boundaries, educating consumers about the benefits of repurposed plastic packaging and the dangers ocean plastic poses to marine life.”

OceanBound Plastic is a fully traceable, versatile resin that can be further processed into natural and mixed color as well as the many proprietary products Envision offers including PRISMA and Deodorized Resin.

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