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The first product packed with bi-oriented bottles injection stretch-blow molded (ISBM) from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is now available on the supermarket floor at Italian chain UNES. The grade was supplied by France’s Total and used to package a refill bottle containing dishwashing liquid.

April 20, 2015

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First commercial bi-oriented HDPE bottle debuts in Italy; 50% lighter

Processor Incoplas (Brussels, Belgium) has continuously invested in technical development aiming at weight reductions, while maintaining bottle performance and quality, for the past few years focusing on developing ISBM bottle production using bi-oriented HDPE. The compay employed Total’s HDPE SB 1359 grade to produce an extra-light bottle with excellent mechanical properties, soft touch, as well as transparency.

Incoplas is able to process bottles in a standard range of sizes up to one liter in capacity that are applicable in various market segments. Compared to equivalent extrusion blow molded (EBM) HDPE bottles, weight reduction potential of up to 50 percent is reportedly achievable. The SB 1359 resin features a unique molecular design capable of being processed on ISBM machines.


Dishwashing liquid from I.C.E. For SpA employs bi-oriented bottles molded from HDPE to save 50% plastic usage versus traditional extrusion blow molded containers.

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