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December 1, 2006

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Food packaging benefits from clear polypropylene

A high-fluidity (MFI 80 g/10min) random copolymer polypropylene (PP), PPR12232, targets injection molded transparent food containers. The grade is said to fulfill organoleptic expectations of OEMs to reduce the impact of odor from resins on the contents. Its low viscosity at high shear rates permits lower injection temperatures and speedier cycle times. According to the producer, when processors replace existing PP grades having a MFI of 40 g/10 min with this material, they can expect a 30% reduction in the production cycle time. Also the possibility of processing at lower temperatures also extends both the service life of the mold and processing equipment. Another benefit is said to be that applications can also be thin-walled compared to competitive grades, permitting a machine size reduction for injection from a single injection point. Total Petrochemicals, Brussels, Belgium; +32 2 2883143; www.totalpetrochemicals.com

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