France will introduce plastic packaging tax in 2019: Page 2 of 2

However, according to Christian Britschgi in his blog in Reason magazine, the proposal was sent back to committee for amendments and to do “some damage control” after the announcement was made. On Aug. 14, Britschgi wrote that the amended proposal included an exemption for disabled people. 

Assistant City Attorney Scott Vincent told Britschgi that the penalties would only be used in extreme circumstances. 

Bryan Latchford, Santa Barbara’s Outreach Coordinator for Environmental Services, told Reason that “jail time or stiff fines are not the intention for first-time offenders,” but that “those penalties are included in the city’s code as a last line of defense.”

You’d probably get less jail time or pay a lower fine for standing on the street corner and distributing illegal drugs! I’d think Santa Barbara officials would have bigger fish to fry than plastic straws!

As Mark Twain once said, “I’ve found that common sense ain’t so common.”

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