German minister pursues nationwide plastic bag ban

Citing inadequate efforts by retailers to voluntarily curb the use of single-use plastic bags, Germany’s Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has announced that her ministry will attempt to ban them nationwide.

“My ministry will get a plastic bag ban on its way,” said Schulze, not giving a timetable for the plan, reported Reuters. She added that her aim was “that we get out of the throw-away society and that overall, we use less plastic.”

An agreement reached with businesses in 2016 has been successful in reducing plastic bag consumption, reported Deutsche Welle, which cited statistics from the Environment Ministry saying that plastic bag use had declined 64% since 2015. But, apparently, that is not good enough.

Plastic bag bans have been gaining traction around the world since the the last decade. The timeline below shows some of the defining moments of this trend.

Timeline of plastic bag bans


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