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Glenroy moves deeper into flexible packaging sustainability

Article-Glenroy moves deeper into flexible packaging sustainability

Glenroy How2Reycle Pouch Back Label PT
Converter adds How2Recycle label program for store drop-off pouch recycling with Sustainable Packaging Coalition membership.

The new year marks a sustainable step forward for flexible packaging converter Glenroy Inc., (Menomonee Falls, WI), when it joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (Charlottesville, VA). SPC membership allows Glenroy to expand its sustainable packaging portfolio with How2Recycle labeled store drop-off recyclable flexible packaging starting with stand-up pouches.

“As a company solely focused on flexible packaging, we are excited to collaborate with the SPC’s How2Recycle program to clearly educate consumers on how to recycle our sustainable packaging,” says Steve Nichols, vice president of sales and marketing for Glenroy. Joining the How2Recycle program is another step we are taking to make a positive impact on our global environment.”

According to Evan Arnold, Glenroy’s director of product development and engineering, “With multiple layers, and components made from many different materials, flexible packaging can be complex. Helping consumers understand how to properly recycle our sustainable packaging reduces confusion and frustration, which can lead to less waste in our environment.”

Store drop-off recyclable details

The entire pouch including zipper and fitment qualify for the Store Drop-off label. The How2Recycle Store Drop-off label provides a URL that will communicate step-by-step recycling instructions for consumers

Ken Brunnbauer, Glenroy’s marketing manager, tells PlasticsToday that the Glenroy store drop-off recyclable packaging is available in two types, a standard high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pouch and a barrier pouch for sensitive products that includes an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer. Both are available in a range of pouch sizes.

Transparent pouch samples for customers are now available with printed pouches to be available by the end of February, Brunnbauer says. Glenroy is not ready to disclose the brands involved.

The advancements are the culmination of six to eight months’ development, according to Brunnbauer. “We partnered with CharterNEX for the film and Presto for the zipper closure.

Recyclable formats for Glenroy’s premade inverted STANDCAP brand pouches are under development.

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