GualapackGroup and Aptar partner to launch a no-spill pouch

There will be no more crying over spilled juices and other beverages for users of an innovative new pouch system. A partnership between the GualapackGroup (Castellazzo Bormida, Italy) and Aptar (Crystal Lake, IL) resulted in the launch in May of a premade “No-Spill” Spouted Pouch that uniquely combines the best features of both company’s packaging innovations into a user-friendly packaging format.No-Spill Pouch

The innovative No-Spill Spouted Pouch integrated system offers the safety and convenience of the Aptar SimpliSqueeze valve with the squeezable, eye-catching and fun-to-use Cheer Pack spouted pouch. The Aptar SimpliSqueeze valve is a top-selling valve system worldwide with billions of units sold while the Cheer Pack is the number-one selling premade pouch worldwide. The result is an innovative juice delivery package that can be efficiently hot-filled and closed using GualapackGroup’s system of premade spouted pouches, caps and filling lines.

For users of all ages and their parents, the pouch provides peace of mind that the beverage will not leak when tipped or held upside down. 

The “No-Spill” Spouted Pouch is claimed to be especially suitable for beverage applications such as juices, flavored waters or drinkable yogurts. It is fully compatible with the traditional Gualapack filling lines and through the global GualapackGroup co-packer network.

PlasticsToday learned from Aptar’s Alan Sica, president, global market development – Food, that there has been “very strong interest relating to the new features and benefits offered by this no-spill spouted pouch delivery system” and that the packaging is now undergoing testing in Europe with juice products. 

Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve is made of a proprietary blend of silicone developed with leading recyclers that features an active ingredient that gives the valve a different density to PET. This enables easy separation of silicone from PET to simplify and optimize the PET recycling process.

In addition, the material for the film and fitment structure can be tailored to the type of beverage product being filled within the standard Gualapack range of hot-fill formats for 88mL to 500mL sizes. The spout is offered in standard colors. Gualapack pouches can be offered in various shapes as well as in clear and matte finishes and/or in a Cheer Pack or Doy Pack configuration.

The No-Spill Spouted Pouch was introduced by GualapackGroup at its stand during Interpack in early May in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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