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Hoffer Plastics adds high-speed lining machine for signature Drop-Lok closures

Hoffer Plastics' signature Drop-Lok closure
Beyond just improving line speeds, the equipment delivers a more consistent, high-quality lined closure, which means increased efficiencies for customers, said Hoffer Plastics Corp. (South Elgin, IL).

Hoffer Plastics' signature Drop-Lok closure.

Hoffer Plastics Corp. (South Elgin, IL) is known for its innovations in cap and closure technology, including its signature Drop-Lok closures used in a range of rigid and flexible pouch packaging across many industries. The closure features a traditional one-motion, twist-off design, and is available in many types of resin. In many Drop-Lok applications, a lined cap is a key element, providing a crucial barrier for product integrity, quality, shelf life and, most importantly, safety. To meet increased demand for this product line, the company recently installed a new high-speed lining machine that, it said, takes this operation to the next level.

Beyond just improving line speeds, the equipment delivers a more consistent, high-quality lined closure, which means increased efficiencies for customers. What it ultimately means is a better, safer product experience for consumers and their families, said Hoffer Plastics.

“We’re excited about the new, improved capabilities the high-speed lining equipment can deliver for our customers and consumers,” said James Harris, Director of Engineering. “When you can deliver improved efficiencies for customers with improved product quality and safety, it’s really a home run.”

Hoffer Plastics, which has been in business for more than 60 years, is extremely proactive in its sustainability efforts with respect to plastic packaging. Alex Hoffer, Vice President of Sales and Operations for the family-owned injection molding and mold manufacturing company, told PlasticsToday that in two weeks he will be presenting at the Plastic Pouches show in Vienna, Austria. “My argument will be that we—the industry—need to begin addressing concerns about plastic waste,” he said.

Hoffer Plastics has slightly modified one proprietary product for spouted pouches so that the product can be ultrasonically sealed to a monolayer film, and be recycled. “We have a partner launching this in Europe next month,” Hoffer commented. “If we are going to manufacture caps and fitments for spouted pouches, why not work to make the packages themselves recyclable?”

Additionally, Hoffer Plastics is investing in new technology to increase the shelf-life of spouted pouches. “This FDA-approved additive will act as an oxygen scavenger, and barrier, in food applications,” Hoffer explained. “The goal behind the project is to utilize plastic technology to help brands by not only having a higher quality packaging, but also a more sustainable one. We also hope that a longer shelf-life will result in less waste.”

Hoffer admits that while neither of these initiatives will resolve the plastic waste problem, he believes it is time to do something. “It’s time to be working on the solution side of the problem, rather than persisting in the unproductive dialogue that seems to characterize the whole debate about the role of plastics.”

Hoffer Plastics operates moer than 100 injection molding presses running one- to 200-cavity molds for customers in the packaging, automotive, consumer and medical markets. Hoffer Plastics has three on-site tool rooms with a staff of 25 moldmakers on a 24/7 basis to ensure against production disruptions.

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