How art and science play a role in packaging development

November 21, 2016

The role of art and science in packaging development now and in the future is one of the topics that David Feber, Vice President, Research, Development & Advanced Engineering, Amcor Rigid Plastics will discuss during a Center Stage presentation at Expoplast, which comes to Montréal, QC, Canada, on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

PlasticsToday caught up with Feber to get some preshow insight on his upcoming presentation next week.

What role does plastic packaging play in our lives now and in the future?

Feber: Plastic packaging now is one of the safest and most efficient ways to protect, preserve and deliver food, drink and products to the consumer. In the future it will be part of a network of an interactive system that is built around the individual consumer. Also, when one takes into consideration the entire food supply chain it is one of the most positively contributing elements to a lower carbon footprint and more efficient circular economy.

How does art and science come together in the package development process?

Feber: It is a cycle where the scientist discovers and the artist takes the discoveries to weave the fabric of his or her imagination. Then artist's imagination helps to focus the scientist's vision, and feeds the dreams of the consumer. Packaging had multiple needs to fulfill at the same time. It has to communicate the primary product intent and moment of truth while also protecting the contents inside while it is packed, shipped and manufactured reliably in the billions of units at an affordable cost point.

When and where is package development applicable to product development?

Feber: This is the most pivotal time in converging the package and product development. As packaging today is limited to a static and passive role this will not be acceptable in the near future. A future that will see increasing demand from the consumer for connectivity. The future will see an interactive packaging not only between the content and the package but between the package the content and the consumer.

How does Amcor envision the future of plastic packaging?

Feber: Amcor is looking at packaging from several stand points:

  • We are constantly pursuing a more viable packaging to distribute products with increased safety and efficiency to the growing population. 
  • We are in relentless pursuit to reduce the packaging carbon footprint. 
  • We are looking to bring packaging to the world of connectivity.
  • We are thinking of the life-cycle of packaging and how to work toward a world free of discarded packages.


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