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How can you tell if someone is a plastics engineer?

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PlasticsToday welcomes your participation in this very short, semi-serious poll that asks the burning question: How can you tell if someone is a plastics engineer?

Being a plastics engineer means you’re in select company among a larger group of plastics professionals. These engineers have their own vocabulary, flavored with acronyms and idioms, as well as distinct character traits, and above all possess a keen interest in all things plastic.

Which brings us to a poll to solicit our plastics professional readers regarding their answers to the question, “You know you’re a plastics engineer if…” You can do that very easily via our quick poll found in the link at the bottom.

To provide examples to help spark your own ideas, the PlasticsToday staff has provided our own suggestions, starting with editor in chief Norbert Sparrow, who responds, “you know that Young’s modulus relates to a material’s tensile elasticity and is not a guitar effects pedal designed by Neil Young.”

Stephen Moore, Contributing Editor/Asia Editor, proposes these:

  • You consider MI5 is a low melt index for polypropylene and not the acronym for the British spy agency.
  • You associate PET with the resin rather than man’s best friend.
  • Plastic is not something you shop with!

Clare Goldsberry, Contributing Editor/U.S., came up with the following:

  • You have a bumper sticker that says "Plastic Is Fantastic!"
  • You conduct liquid silicone rubber experiments in your kitchen oven.
  • You tap on plastic containers in the store to identify the material, just like I do.

We invite you to submit your own answer by taking this very short, one-question-centered poll,

For those who consider themselves primarily packaging engineers, our sister publication Packaging Digest offers its own take on the topic, found in this article, How do you know you’re a packaging engineer?

For engineers and other professionals who live along the west coast, we also want to point you to the upcoming WestPack and PLASTEC West event in Anaheim, CA, February 6-8, where you will find plenty of like-minded professionals. More information can be found at the WestPack website.

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