Ideagen software enhances plastics manufacturer’s health and safety management across global plants

June 12, 2018

IPL Plastics Ltd., a rigid plastics manufacturer based in Dublin with operations across the United Kingdom, North America and China, selected Ideagen Coruson (Ruddington, UK) software to enhance health and safety management across its global operations. IPL Plastics employs more than 2,400 people and will implement the WorkSafe project to enhance its health and safety reporting, focusing on incident management including investigations and corrective actions.  

The goal of implementing the software is to spot potential hazards for staff before an incident or injury occurs, said Ideagen. Conor Wall, Group Head of EHS and Sustainability for IPL Plastics, said: “As a production company, we have lots of machines that are producing our products 24/7, and like any manufacturing facility there are hazards out there in the workplace that our employees are constantly exposed to. These hazards can range from working at height to working on large machines that can be potentially dangerous.” 

The Coruson incident reporting system will allow IPL to “capture any hazards that can potentially cause harm to staff, help us report them and then we can act before something happens further down the road,” Wall explained. 

Coruson will be rolled out across the group to just under 500 employees, as well as IPL’s 30 environment, health and safety, and plant managers. 

As part of the project, IPL will electronically capture and track injury, illness and general accident forms, including their associated investigations and corrective actions. Near-miss and potential incidents—known internally as “See it-Say it”—forms will also be captured in the system.

“By moving to a more intelligent platform in the form of Coruson, we can capture data across all of our facilities in an extremely consistent manner. We can use that information and mine data to spot trends across the group,” said Wall. “An example would be in the form of forklift safety. Coruson will allow us to spot trends in terms of speed and collisions across multiple sites. We will know we have a problem before something actually happens and someone gets hurt.”

An enterprise cloud product that provides organizations with complete control, visibility and real-time reporting, the Coruson system will also allow IPL’s management to improve lessons learned from potential or actual incidents. PJ Brown, Head of Risk and Assurance for IPL Plastics, said, “I manage a number of key risks for the company, and health and safety is perhaps the most important risk that I manage on a daily basis.

“It’s important for me to say that all employees across the organization in all of our plants, in all of our offices and, indeed, in all of our warehouses have a key part to play in our risk management. From my point of view,” Brown continued, “Coruson enables our employees to take a key position and contribute significantly to the management of health and safety in all of our locations.”

Ideagen provides quality, safety, audit, performance and risk management software and expertise and has operations in the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The company helps the world’s leading brands to improve operational efficiency, strengthen compliance and oversight, and anticipate and manage every detail of risk. This enables organizations to reduce costs and improve efficiency, explained Ideagen. The group has a customer base of more than 3,000 organizations, including many blue-chip names such as BAE Systems, Emirates, Shell and more.  

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