Industry first: ITW Pillar Technologies receives patent for corona treatment system on-board maintenance indicator

February 28, 2018

ITW Pillar Technologies (Hartland, WI) reports that it has been granted a patent for an on-board Maintenance Indicator for corona treatment systems. The device alerts maintenance personnel of contamination to the corona treater’s ground roll, which otherwise can go undetected for a significant amount of time, resulting in product rejects.

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"This breakthrough development is critical, since it is well-known in the converting industry that when a certain level of contamination accumulates at the ground roll surface, treatment level sub-optimization effects will occur in the form of back-side treatment,” explained Steve Helker, Treatment Systems Sales Manager. “This deterioration in surface treatment level can go undetected by packaging converters for extended periods of time and result in significant amounts of non-performing and rejected product.”

By the time the Maintenance Indicator signal goes off, other key internal components such as electrodes will exhibit a similar level of contamination and also will require attention, added Helker. “This is why this innovative technology can provide our customers immediate payback and significant cost savings—from avoiding major ground roll replacement costs to [achieving] significant reductions in rejected materials and downtime.” 

Maintenance Indicator technology is immediately available for all new and existing corona systems, said the company. Adding the system to ITW Pillar Technologies corona systems will extend customers’ ground roll warranty by one full year. 

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