Introducing Domo Film Solutions and Nyleen, a line of sustainable nylon films

Materials engineering company Domo Chemicals (Leuna, Spain) is changing the name of its cfp flexible packaging business to Domo Film Solutions, effective immediately. The stated reason for the change is to emphasize the company's position as a provider of nylon film solutions in Europe

NyleenThe name change visibly incorporates the unit within the Domo Group brand identity, said the company, and clearly indicates its core business—providing customers with solutions based on more than 40 years of expertise and full upstream integration with the nylon 6 chemical chain. The company has been part of Domo Chemicals Group since July 2014 and has operated a German BOPA plant since 2018.

Domo Film Solutions has a strong focus on sustainability and innovation in flexible packaging films. One example is the launch of its new Nyleen family of nylon films with a low carbon footprint compared with standard nylon films. A study performed by Quantis is available upon request.

“Domo Film Solutions is committed to the sustainable future of nylon,” said the company’s Managing Director, Attilio Annoni. “The introduction of Nyleen is only the first step. We want to go further: In the short term, the company will launch the first-ever vertically recycled/recyclable nylon film. The film team is also developing strategic partnerships with the aim of investigating bio-based solutions.”

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