ISRI Services changes name, launches new website

New name more accurately reflects the mission of the organization

The organization formerly known as the ISRI Services Corp. (Washington, DC) has changed its name to the Global Recycling Standards Organization (GRSO). The new moniker reflects the mission of the organization that manages the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS), which has garnered interest from recyclers around the globe.

“RIOS is the global standard for recycling,” said Darrell Kendall, Executive Director of RIOS. “It is important that the name of the company that oversees the standard reflects that. ISRI created RIOS, but it is now the recycling industry’s standard, regardless of the location of the facility. With facilities in North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East committed to RIOS certification, the time is now to make it clear that RIOS is the common language for recyclers all over the world. Creating the Global Recycling Standards Organization is the first step in that process.”

In addition to the name change, GRSO and its Board of Directors unveiled RIOS’ new website, The website, which has a new, more descriptive URL, and a completely redesigned interface, makes it easier for stakeholders to quickly find the information for which they are looking. The site will feature a blog, a resources page, and an easier-to-use map of certified recyclers. Over time this site will become a go-to resource for all things related to quality, environment, health and safety management system implementation and certification.


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