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SealTOUGH features puncture resistance, enhanced clarity, improved modulus and a seal strength that can exceed 5,000/2.54cm.

Clare Goldsberry

December 14, 2016

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Jindal Films Europe introduces breakthrough polyolefin sealant film technology

SealTOUGH, a breakthrough development in polyolefin sealant technology, is the latest innovation from Jindal Films Europe (Luxembourg). SealTOUGH is a unique coextruded packaging film targeted to replace sealant layers in a lamination or single layers in mono-web applications.

SealTOUGH features puncture resistance, enhanced clarity, improved modulus and seal strength that can exceed 5,000/2.54cm. Down gauge potential of 30%, 40% or more is achieved compared with traditional sealant films.

Jindal Films claims SealTOUGH bridges the attributes of BOPP and blown PE film to achieve enhanced performance benchmarks for clarity and strength. Packaging designs utilizing SealTOUGH contribute to the environmental objectives for source reduction and recycling, the company added.

Compared to blown PE, SealTOUGH reportedly features a three-fold improvement in tensile strength and a two-fold improvement in modulus, puncture resistance and impact resistance. “This product offers superior performance in critical properties,” said Laurent Chantraine, Market Development Manager. “SealTOUGH achieves the clarity of BOPP with the high seal strength of blown PE. The film’s superior puncture resistance and strength enables significant down-gauging opportunities to provide both a performance advantage and cost savings.”

Jindal Films introduced SealTOUGH at the recent ALL4PACK trade show in Paris, where it received one of the nine 2016 Innovation Awards.

Jindal Films is a developer and manufacturer of specialty packaging and labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films for flexible packaging and labeling applications. The company has affiliated production plants in Europe and the United States.

The company announced a year ago that it was relocating its national headquarters and R&D Center to its LaGrange facility in Georgia. As part of the $180 million investment, the company added orientation, metalizing, coating and slitting capabilities at the plant. A 10.5 m orientation line is being installed this quarter and will increase Jindal Films’ capabilities by more than 50,000 tons per year.

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