KHS Group is the latest to license LiquiForm's breakthrough technology

November 15, 2016

KHS Group (Dortmund, Germany), a global manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, has entered into a technology licensing agreement with the LiquiForm Group (Ann Arbor, MI) to further develop and commercialize LiquiForm’s breakthrough forming and filling manufacturing technology.

LiquiForm technology combines container forming and filling processes into a single step. The technology uses liquid product instead of compressed air to form a rigid plastic container, a process which offers an opportunity for more sustainable and efficient operations as compared to traditional blow and fill technology.

KHS Group has been involved in similar research and development for several years and has already registered its own industrial property rights in this field. KHS will cooperate with the LiquiForm Group by contributing some of its own patents to the development.

“The LiquiForm process is a game-changing technology that will revolutionize the entire process chain,” said Frank Haesendonckx, head of Sales and Technology for KHS Corpoplast. “We expect to take the LiquiForm process to a new level through joint collaboration and by building on our own intellectual property and know-how.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with KHS Group as a licensee, given its history of technology and innovation leadership in filling and packaging,” said Ashish Saxena, Vice President and General Manager of the LiquiForm Group. “KHS already brings its own unique expertise which will aid in the ramp up to commercialization and enable LiquiForm to reach its full potential.”

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Amcor, the LiquiForm Group licenses the LiquiForm technology, which is jointly owned by DISCMA, an Amcor and Sidel joint venture that also owns historic Nestle and Yoshino IP. In addition to KHS Group, current licensees of the LiquiForm process include Sidel, Krones AG, and Amcor Rigid Plastics. 


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