Kroger and Polymer Logistics win Reusable Packaging Association’s 2019 excellence award

Plastic pallets and collapsible, returnable shipping containers have been doing heavy lifting for more than two decades, but it seems these eco-friendly transport aids are finally getting noticed. The Tampa, FL–based Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) recently named the Kroger Co. (Cincinnati) and its packaging supplier Polymer Logistics (Riverside, CA) recipients of its 2019 Excellence in Reusable Packaging award.

Cleanpal pallet systemKroger won for its 2018 commercial pilot program demonstrating the cost savings and environmental impact reductions it achieved by using Cleanpal pallets from Polymer Logistics. The Cleanpal pallets will be used for the distribution of fresh eggs from a leading supplier to Kroger stores. The innovative pallets carry reusable plastic containers (RPCs) packed with egg cartons; the secure shipping platform reduces Kroger’s distribution costs by up to 66% and removes 6,500 tons of CO2 emissions from the retailer’s egg supply chain, according to the announcement. 

Weighing up to 2.5 times less than traditional wood pallets and packing a greater volume of pallets into truckload deliveries and returns, the Cleanpal system is more efficient to handle, reduces transportation costs and provides a safe and secure unit load, said the company. Cleanpal also enables 1,000 incremental pounds of egg product per shipment from supplier to warehouse.  

“The Cleanpal pallet is a breakthrough in supermarket distribution platforms," said Paul Pederson, Senior Vice President, Food Safety, Meat & Dairy Supply Chain, at Polymer Logistics. “Our focus is to help retailers delight their shoppers with high-impact product presentation and efficient supply chain packaging systems. The Cleanpal pallet combined with RPCs delivers on this goal. We thank Kroger for leading the Cleanpal pallet’s commercial introduction and congratulate them on winning the reusable packaging industry’s most prestigious award,” added Pederson.

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