Liquid colors produce eye-catching special effects at low addition levels

Riverdale GlobalNew special-effect liquid colors from Riverdale Global (Aston, PA) enable manufacturers of packaging and consumer products to enhance shelf appeal and add value while using lower let-downs of colorant than with pellet masterbatch, according to the company.

Providing a diversity of effects, the specialty colors include:

  • Deep Pearl—selected particles provide a standard pearlescent effect at lower let-down ratios.
  • Transparent Pearl—used at 0.5% loadings in clear resins, these colors exhibit a glitter effect.
  • Blast—these colors provide super-bright pearlescent effects while minimizing flow lines.
  • Splash—bright specialty pigments are combined with pearlescent particles to yield super-bright effects.
  • Metal—these colors yield a smooth, flat surface with a metallic sheen (pictured).
  • Metal Expression—larger particle sizes in these colors yield a glittery metallic effect.
  • Transparent—these colors can be used at loadings of only 0.1% to tint clear resins.
  • Natural—helping to achieve sustainability goals, these are dispersions of FDA-approved colors in natural carriers; masterbatch carrier resins are synthetic substances.

“The new special-effect liquid colors from Riverdale Global meet the growing demand by packagers and consumer-product merchandisers for colors that reinforce brand identity, attract shoppers and increase consumer enjoyment,” said Charles B. Irish, Vice President of Product Development. “As liquids, these products have the added advantage of yielding the desired color intensity at a lower addition level than with pellet masterbatch.”

The increased coloring efficiency of liquid color is attributable to a higher pigment loading per pound of colorant and enhanced dispersion as a result of the liquid carrier.

Like other liquid colors and additives from Riverdale Global, the new special-effect colors are supplied in a container that stays sealed from the moment it arrives at the processor’s loading dock through storage, handling, and metering into the process, and during return to Riverdale Global for replenishment. With the company’s proprietary Pump in a Drum design, the color is metered into the process by a pump that is located inside the drum. This total system eliminates the complications of handling liquids, including spillage, leakage, cleanup, pump maintenance, unused additive, environmental concerns and disposal costs.

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