LiquiGlide partners up with paint packaging manufacturer Pact Group

LiquiGlide Inc. (Cambridge, MA) is back in the news again with another exclusive agreement with Australia-based sustainable packaging manufacturer Pact Group Holdings, but this time it’s for paint. By implementing the patented breakthrough slippery coating technology, Pact Group, which converts primarily plastic resin and steel into packaging, will explore innovative new paint packaging solutions that will allow consumers to use more of the paint they purchase while reducing the environmental impact associated with residual paint.

Since its early inception in the marketplace back in 1882, paint has long been plagued with packaging problems associated with stickiness and also dried out flakes that can contaminate the fresh paint when broken off. There are also environmental concerns around leftover paint residue in containers. Pact Group is looking to fix all this with its recent partnership with LiquiGlide.

"At Pact, we are not only focused on creating innovative packaging solutions that add value for our customers and end users, but also solutions that are more sustainable," said Mark Nothnagel, General Manager at Pact Group. "Our partnership with LiquiGlide will allow us to explore and eventually provide paint packaging solutions that will benefit the environment, the brand owners and the end consumer. This is a great demonstration of our organization living one of our core values; to constantly seek opportunities for transformational change."

"This partnership demonstrates Pact's continued focus on product innovation and commitment to providing sustainable solutions. LiquiGlide's coating technology will also deliver a competitive advantage to Pact and their customers," said LiquiGlide CEO and Co-Founder, Dave Smith. "We are working closely with them to create a new packaging solution that will reduce paint waste and improve quality, therefore adding value for consumers."

"Our partnership with Pact Group is a testament to the innovation that our coatings deliver," said Ryan Sadlo, LiquiGlide's Director of Strategic Partnerships. "With LiquiGlide, Pact can deliver a better user experience that is also friendlier to the environment."

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