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Masterbatches boost properties of recycled PET, PLA for packaging

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CESA-extend brand masterbatches from Clariant (Charlotte, NC) are engineered to restore the properties of recycled PET and PLA for high-value packaging needs at up to 100% PCR content levels.

Specialty chemicals producer Clariant Corp. (Charlotte, NC) offers enhanced formulations of “CESA-extend” masterbatches that restore important material properties to recycled condensation polymers including PET, polylactic acid (PLA) and polycarbonate. This means even high percentages of regrind can be incorporated with virgin resin without significantly reducing physical properties required in food-contact and other high-performance packaging applications.

“CESA-extend masterbatches give processors an affordable, sustainable way to meet growing market demands for higher levels of recycled content in food packaging applications,” says Peter Prusak, Clariant’s head of marketing for North America. “One customer was even able to achieve acceptable results using 100% regrind.”March 23: Flexible Pkg for Woven sacks:

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The latest CESA-extend masterbatches provide a simple, low-cost solution for increasing molecular weight and restoring physical properties, melt strength, and processability that are lost when PET and PLA polymer chains break down during processing and recycling. When added to these recycled materials during processing, CESA-extend masterbatches react with, and re-link, broken polymer chains. Long polymer chains are essential in both PET and PLA extrusion because they give the extruded material the tensile strength essential for good performance when formed into packaging materials.

Pelletized CESA-extend masterbatches are available in standard and custom formulations, and can be used to control or enhance a range of material parameters, including melt-flow index (MFI), intrinsic viscosity, hydrolytic stability, mechanical properties and clarity. They can also be custom formulated to provide both linear and branched chain extension.

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