Milliken debuts crystal-clear packaging to restaurants near you

Only high clarity plastic on the market that performs at high temperatures
May 22, 2016

Chemical manufacturer Milliken & Co. (Spartanburg, SC) unveiled an innovative new packing that will change the game for conventional food packaging. The new packaging prides itself on attractiveness, cost-efficiency, versatility and sustainability. 

Milliken told PlasticsToday, “Our advanced NX UltraClear polypropylene (PP) is the first plastic to combine glass-like clarity and heat resistance so restaurant take-out and other food service containers that are made with NX UltraClear PP are visually appealing and safely stand up to hot-fill applications, heat lamps and reheating in microwaves.”

The clarity of this packaging enhances the appeal of the food and unlike other packaging, is safe to heat in microwaves and under heat lamps. The adaptability of the Milliken material also includes it being well-suited for both hot and cold foods. 

With Milliken discovering new ways to enhance plastic packaging, this new material cuts down on storage space, is cost-efficient, and the NX UltraClear PP is recyclable and reduces the use of raw materials.

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