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Mondi Collaborates on Recyclable Dog Food Packaging

Article-Mondi Collaborates on Recyclable Dog Food Packaging

Mondi Mondi-Hau-Hau-Recyclable-Bags-FTR.jpg
Hau-Hau Champion’s monomaterial barrier packaging that keeps kibble fresh is also reclosable.

Finnish dog food brand Hau-Hau Champion is relaunching in recyclable, reclosable flexible packaging provided by United Kingdom-based packaging and paper supplier Mondi. Prima Pet Premium Oy, part of Czech VAFO Group, produces the premium dog food. Some of the new kibble packaging is on store shelves now, with more to come as the brand relaunch continues across Finland this month.

The recyclable packaging includes monomaterial rolls for 1.5-kg/3.3-pound form-fill-seal bags as well as premade FlexiBag Recyclable bags for packs up to 15 kg/33.1 pound; FlexiBag Recyclable is a monomaterial polyethylene (PE) bag. Hau-Hau Champion’s previous packaging incorporated a metallized layer and was not recyclable.

The new packaging is also high-barrier and can be reclosed to keep the product fresh. In addition, the pre-made bags are fitted with a valve that allows air to escape during palletizing. An anti-slip matte lacquer exterior on the packs boosts shelf appeal, and the new packaging also incorporates the stronger carrying handles consumers had been asking for.

“With Hau-Hau’s brand refresh, we were looking for packaging that fully aligns with our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and operations as well as upgrades the packaging to match the high quality of the product content,” said Suvi Sillvan, Hau-Hau Champion brand specialist, in a prepared statement. “Given that this is a premium product, we are especially pleased with the high-quality finish, including the printing, which retains brand familiarity on the shelf and informs consumers that they can easily recycle our dog food packs.”

Sillvan added that the new packaging material also “fully supports the fact that all our dry dog foods are now completely carbon dioxide-neutral through carbon-emission compensation.”

The Hau-Hau project supports Mondi’s MAP2030 sustainability goal to make 100% of its products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

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