New DuPont masterbatch for PE blown film reduces coefficient of friction

Dow Corning AMB-12235 masterbatch

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers (Wilmington, DE) launched a new masterbatch for polyethylene blown film at Chinaplas last week. Dow Corning AMB-12235 combines an anti-block agent with a compatible slip additive to improve film processing and ensure consistent quality, delivering a low coefficient of friction (COF) over time.

The Dow Corning AMB-12235 masterbatch also helps prevent migration to the film surface that can affect downstream operations and helps reduce film blocking that can cause damage, all at cost-effective low loadings. It is also approved for food contact in Europe, the United States and China, and is the latest addition to the new DuPont portfolio of silicone-based solutions that extend properties, enhance processing and reinforce materials, said the company.

The improved slip performance, which is stable over time and under high temperatures, contributes to increased production speed, uninterrupted throughput and uniform film quality. Testing has shown that it preserves key mechanical properties of the film.

The fine-tuned formulation of the masterbatch frees customers from the tedious work of determining which individual additives work well together, and at what loadings. It is highly efficient at low loadings of 4 to 6 wt. percent, which reduces cost, and can potentially replace plastic processing additives often used with PE films, according to DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers.

This combined approach to PE film additives can simplify production by cutting the number of additive feeders, freeing up space and reducing infrastructure complexity. The combined AMB-12235 masterbatch also helps facilitate supply chain management, streamlines material handling, and can save customers storage space.

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