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New PET Blister Packaging Film Is Recyclable

Article-New PET Blister Packaging Film Is Recyclable

Klockner Pentaplast kpNext-for-LP-FTR.jpg
Klöckner Pentaplast’s kpNext blister film that can be recycled in #1 PET stream is a drop-in replacement for conventional materials.

Sustainable packaging advancements continue in pharmaceutical markets with the launch of kpNext, a first-to-market innovation in recyclable PET blister films from Klöckner Pentaplast (kp). It’s produced from a globally recyclable material and designed to be recycled in the RIC (resin identification code) #1 PET stream.

kpNext is claimed as the only PET recyclable blister that’s 100% compatible on pharmaceutical manufacturing form, fill, and seal (FFS) equipment.

It performs as well as conventional materials and is a drop-in replacement for standard blister films. Pharmaceutical companies and converters can utilize kpNext on their FFS lines without a loss of line speed or a need to retool.

“Current pharmaceutical blister packaging is classified as RIC #7, produced from a multimaterial structure, which is not recyclable and therefore is disposed in a landfill or incinerated,” says Daniel Stagnaro, head of technology. “Pharmaceutical companies have been challenging blister manufacturers for a solution that is responsible and recyclable. kp has answered those challenges with kpNext.” 

According to a company representative regarding the status of the new film, “we are working closely with OEMs, which are early adopters of the solution, to start the transition of their first consumer health products from a traditional vinyl-based blister to our kpNext solution. Currently these are going thru all required test steps to ensure the functionality of the new material in those specific applications. We except to see first listed products in the marked in 2022.”

The film is the culmination of three years’ research and development out of the company’s kp, an application development lab located in Charlottesville, VA.

At launch, Dr. Jorg Schneewind, president of kp’s PHD Division, stated: “kpNext is an example of excellence in product innovation because it has been designed to be recyclable and is a seamless transition, taking the burden off our customers to adapt to the sustainable film. Instead, the film adapted to the equipment. It’s a true milestone for the industry and for kp.”

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