Nova Chemicals opens its doors to its new Center for Performance Applications

Nova Chemicals opens its doors to its new Center for Performance Applications

The Polyethylene (PE) division of Nova Chemicals Corp. (Calgary, AB, Canada) has opened its doors to its newly transformed Center for Performance Applications ("Centre”) in Calgary. This facility, which was the previous Nova Chemicals Technical Center, has been expanded upon with a new wing and is focused on PE resin testing and applications development.

The Centre is a hub for Nova Chemicals to provide assistance to customers in developing higher-value products and applications. It will also offer industry-leading research and development capabilities for several markets, including food packaging, caps and closures and heavy duty sacks.

“The opening of the expanded Centre for Performance Applications is the culmination of tremendous investments, focus and the efforts of numerous people,” said Daryll Harrison, VP, Technology, Nova Chemicals. “Our expanded capabilities allow us to perform product development work and trials that simulate customer manufacturing methods and application performance under real-world conditions—a distinct advantage in our competitive landscape.” 

Along with the expansion comes an entire new lineof equipment and upgrades, allowing its applications development experts to execute critical work and even rethink how PE resins are used.

Major investments include a new SACMI compression molder and Sumitomo Demag injection molding press which together fully replicate caps and closures’ manufacturing processes, while a state-of-the-art caps and closures lab uses a suite of industry-leading “in-use performance” equipment to measure closure performance under real-world conditions. An modified rotational molder provides increased reliability, data quality, process

“The Centre allows us to deliver even greater value to our customers and to the PE market,” said Carrie Richards, Marketing Director, Nova Chemicals PE Business. “Our goal is to help our customers succeed. This newly expanded facility enables us to collaborate and innovate to help our customers bring better-designed, better-performing products to market more quickly.”

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