Klear Can snowball

Now, here’s a really cool Klear Can application

Out-of-state Super Bowl visitors can bring home a novel souvenir—a handpacked snowball distributed through a vending machine.

The Klear Can—a see-through molded plastic can—was developed by Milacron (Cincinnati) as an alternative to metal cans for fruits, vegetables, soups, meats and related food products. I’m pretty sure no one ever anticipated that it might hold snowballs, yet that is its claim to fame this Super Bowl weekend.

Ad agency space150 (Minneapolis) came up with the idea of selling snowballs—“hand-packed by real Minnesotans”—through a vending machine to Super Bowl visitors. They cost $1, and the Klear Can visually reassures buyers that they are, indeed, getting an authentic Minnesota snowball and not some chemical experiment disguised as a snack.

"Knowing that we have visitors coming here, we wanted to give them a souvenir to take home that represents part of our culture. This time of the year that is definitely snow," space150's Brock Davis told local television station KARE 11.

For a more conventional Klear Can application, read "Milacron's Klear Cans introduced in supermarkets in Asia."

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