Now, it’s single-use paper cups taking the hits: Page 2 of 2

Corey Reardon, President and CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates, based in the Netherlands, commented in his report on the Extrusion Coating Market that the market is being “sustainability driven” through all stages of the supply chain. “There are opportunities for growth, especially in liquid packaging and flexible packaging,” Reardon told the audience. “Paper and paperboard products are seen as more environmentally friendly by consumers and more is being done in delaminating paper from the polymer coating.”

The WSJ article noted that the Goldman Sachs Group is “rolling out a ban on paper cups at its U.S. offices after previously scrapping such cups in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.” A memo to its staff told them to bring their own mugs from home, noted the article.

Starbucks, the poster child for ridding the world of plastic straws, plastic and paper drink cups, continues to struggle with how to look as green as its logo and its straws. The WSJ article noted that in 2008 the company said that by 2015 25% of its cups would be reusable; in 2011, with that goal unmet, Starbucks said that by 2015 5% of its drinks “would be served in cups brought in by consumers.”

Starbucks admitted that failure to meet its various goals was due to the company failing to understand “the impact the human behavior piece would have.” We’re back to the bottom line of this whole issue: Plastic waste in the environment is not a plastic problem . . . it’s a people problem!

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