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EasyPour ASchulman booth display

A. Schulman (Fairlawn, OH) specializes in functional additives for value-added packaging, and that is as true of its latest innovation as any: Polybatch EasyPour masterbatch. The product enhances customer experience and improves dispensing from stand up pouches and other packaging formats and directly addresses the challenge of product and food waste. The additive influences the inner surface properties of polymers to enable the contents to pour more smoothly, and is applicable for both flexible and rigid multilayer constructions.

My initial impression when chatting with Chris Kerscher, the company’s market development manager for packaging, was that it sounded akin to LiquiGlide (see LiquiGlide slips into higher commercialization gear, published June 2017). A key difference is Polybatch EasyPour uses different chemistry and is added prior to extrusion where it becomes part of the polymer makeup rather than a coating like LiquiGlide, which requires a secondary step to apply.

A. Schulman supplies Polybatch EasyPour as a pelletized, additive masterbatch.  “Typical use rates are less than 10% by weight and can vary depending on formulation and performance requirements,” Kerscher points out.

He notes that the FDA-cleared material is scalable, “applicable from sachets to refill pouches to bag-in-box films to bulk IBC bins.”

It’s appropriate for use across the spectrum of packaged products from household items including soaps and detergents to personal care products to foods and beverages. When asked to identify where he felt the initial applications may be headed, Kerscher anticipates that to be in foodservice packaging.

“Either restaurant/catering markets that include products such as ketchup, peanut butter and sauces or for bulk processing of industrial food ingredients,” he responded. “Interest is also strong in consumer applications such as liquid refill pouches for soap and detergents.”

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