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NPE Creaprint IML booth


We usually don’t report on booths, but this was not your typical tradeshow and these two examples were highly unusual booths. Both were distinctive and impressive due to the layout, design and/or materials that tied directly to the exhibitor’s proposition.

One was the World’s First Booth Made 100% using In-mold Labeling (IML) technology,  done by IML specialist Creaprint USA (Miami). The entire 30ft x 30ft booth including flooring, walls, tables and chairs was IML. The concept was executed so thoroughly seamlessly it came across as an amazing over-the-top integration of branding and NPE presence.

According to Creaprint’s Ignacio Guillem Pico, ceo, it took three months’ development to source, execute and bring all these diverse and unusual IML elements together.

NPE Creaprint chair and floorFloor and walls were sourced in the United States, he told PlasticsToday, and the chairs were sourced from Europe. Because it would have to withstand a lot of foot traffic, “the flooring took extra consideration and was the most complicated,” Pico explained, “and required a strong, scratch-resistant 100-micron label.”

From among a wide range of IML markets that include food containers, electrical and medical parts and household items, Pico said “IML is growing more in packaging than other applications.”

And yes, the booth displayed plenty of IML packaging and products, including a child’s plastic motorcycle; the decoration was provided by an impressively single large IML label that followed the contours of the molded toy.

One other vendor also similarly impressed me as creatively marrying branding with the booth’s physical makeup as well, and could be noticed from a distance.

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