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NPE Tosaf booth wide

The goal of Tosaf (Tnuvot Industrial Zone, Israel) for NPE2018 was to introduce the company to the American market as one of the leading global masterbatch producers, with a new state-of-the-art plant in Bessemer City, NC.

And it did so with a dramatic booth design that could be seen from several aisles away: An artistically captivating "molecular lattice” or matrix that extended from waist level to the girders above the booth as a kind of virtual wall. The matrix, which changed in perspective as you walked around and through the booth, pointed to the molecules of the company’s plastics additives and tied to the supplier’s dot-pattern branding via textured brochures and more.

NPE Tosaf view looking upIt may have been the most distinctive of thousands of booths I've seen over the years.

The molecules were soft, blue rubber balls 2.5-inches in diameter and imprinted with the company logo. I learned from global communications manager Ronit Segal Hayoon that 2,816 of them were strung on 330 nylon cords to create the 20x30-foot booth’s striking molecular look. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Israel over a five-day period, it was the first time Tosaf has used this booth setup.

According to the company, “we’ve had a lot of great feedback about the booth. It creates a wall without having a wall.”

The company provides additive and color solutions for film and packaging as well as agriculture and construction.

For more cool things from Orlando, here’s a summary of the daily compilation of the coolest things we saw on…

Day 1 A large cutaway filter built entirely of the iconic plastic bricks

Day 2 3D-printed mask sleeved over a limited-edition PepsiCo Black Panther can

Day 3 Large, 3D-printed aerodynamic roof fairing that could be viewed using AR

Day 4 Color-changing thermochromic PET bottles

Day 5 Shell Polymers makes a big splash

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