Perstorp receives U.S. food-contact approval for Capa for Bioplastics grades 6500D and 6800D

PerstorpPerstorp Group (Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands), a global producer of specialty chemicals for a variety of industries and applications, announced it has acquired food-contact approval in the United States for its Capa for Bioplastics grades 6500D and the new 6800D. By adding Capa 6800D to its product portfolio, Perstorp can now offer a higher molecular weight product to give customers more choices and flexibility in finding the right formulation.

Bioplastics is a focus for Perstorp, and is an important part of the company’s commitment to the environment and vision for a more sustainable future. Capa for Bioplastics exhibits excellent biodegradability properties and can improve bioplastic solutions, as well as enable unique product characteristics. In the bioplastics market, Capa is typically used for bag and film, paper cup and packaging applications.

“We have had food-contact approval in Europe already for a few years,” says Jesper Fahlen, Global Product Manager. “This approval for our Capa 6500D as well as for the new Capa 6800D verifies that Capa is safe for food applications, enabling bioplastic packaging for a more sustainable future.”

Capa 6800D is a high molecular weight linear polyester derived from caprolactone monomer. Like Capa 6500D, it is durable, stable, and easy to process while offering best-in-class biodegradability.

“The bioplastics market is rapidly growing and Perstorp sees huge potential for biodegradable packaging and food applications,” says Marie Gronborg, Executive Vice President. “With the broader portfolio we meet our customers’ need for formulation efficiency by offering different choices of molecular weight. By helping manufacturers move from conventional plastics to bioplastics, we are, together, reducing the pollution our planet is facing.”

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