Pharma market warms up to barrier, child-resistant flexible packaging

The use of the words “flexible packaging” and “child-resistance” in the same sentence would seem an oxymoron until a couple of years ago. This breakthrough, value-added feature has opened wide windows of opportunity into additional markets for an all-ready fast-growing segment of packaging.Oracle Packaging CR Pouch small horizontal

Among a select few companies, Oracle Packaging (Winston-Salem, NC), a provider of flexible packaging solutions for the healthcare, consumer, tobacco and industrial sectors, offers child-resistant laminates for the secure packaging of pharmaceutical and personal care products.

The pouchstock laminates meet heightened industry specifications for applications requiring child-resistant functionality and provide excellent protection against moisture and oxygen.  A durable sealant layer provides both low-seal initiation temperature and a broad sealing window.

The child-resistant pouching materials are comprised of PET/aluminum foil/sealant that offers high levels of puncture resistance, machinability and seal integrity. The materials are available in 10 colors in both printed and unprinted rolls; the high-gloss materials can be printed on both sides.

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“Oracle Packaging prides itself on being a preferred manufacturer of industry-leading flexible laminate packaging to leading healthcare and personal care companies,” says Andrew Starr, director. “The child-resistant pouchstock product line is an example of our versatility in delivering reliable solutions to customers for stringent packaging requirements.”

Oracle Packaging, which uses its own proprietary CR technology, is seeing growth with these pouch materials.

“Our child-resistant pouch laminates represent a considerable percentage of our year-over-year organic growth in the healthcare packaging segment,” Starr informs PlasticsToday.  “We have multiple active projects with multiple customers in this format.”

When asked about customers, Starr responds “unfortunately, we are unable to share info about specific customers at this point."

The largest segment for the CR materials is over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals, according to Starr, “while there is a secondary focus in prescription pharmaceuticals.”

It brings an additional benefit to users of flexible packaging.

“We are seeing customers utilize the CR pouch format to meet child-resistant requirements while capturing the benefits of flexible packaging,” Starr says. “These benefits include:  adult-friendly opening in a CR format, enhanced compliance, improved product protection (barrier), lower cost, operational flexibility, and improved portability.”



Combining specialized aluminum foils, steel, films, paperstock, resins, sealants, adhesives and 10-color rotogravure printing capability, Oracle Packaging manufactures custom lid stock, pouch stock, cable armoring, and sterilizable laminates requiring specific barrier and sealant performance.  Employing over 300 packaging professionals, Oracle’s two U.S. manufacturing facilities are located in Winston-Salem, NC and Louisville, KY. 

For more information, visit or call 336-777-5000.

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