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blow-molding machines. Technical service engineers and engineers from Floreon used their expertise to process the material with excellent results. R&D/Leverage then upped the ante in the second trial, choosing a much more difficult bottle with challenging characteristics—R&D/Leverage’s proprietary Twist bottle.

PLA Twist bottle.

“On this trial we ran the Floreon material using several different weights and preform wall thicknesses that we have for our Twist bottle,” explains Tolley.

Steve Gough, Technical Manager for R&D/Leverage, comments: “We found that the Floreon resin provided a large process window with great results in terms of optimized material distribution and sharp corner ratio. The capability transferred through with consistent good products produced from 3mm to 8mm thick preforms.”

The team of Floreon and R&D/Leverage proved a success.

“R&D/Leverage was an ideal partner to help us take our research and development, and turn it into reality,” says Floreon’s Gill. “They were able to dry the material to our specs, then select the appropriate machine and tooling. The initial test was performed with a simple application – cosmetic jars – and that trial was really successful.”

R&D/Leverage’s UK facility specializes in Single Stage PET blow molded bottles, and can bring its expertise to PLA along with PET, PP and Eastman’s Triton materials.  R&D/Leverage offers product evaluation, tool design and manufacture, tool qualification as well as proving product viability in the company’s Product Solution Laboratory.

R&D/Leverage USA is headquartered in Lee's Summit, MO.

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